How To Cleanse Your Crystals

The process of cleansing and charging your crystals should be as simple or complicated as you feel guided to make it. 

WHY: Moonlight is safe & supercharging for all crystals.
RITUAL: Lay your crystals overnight in a place where moonlight will touch them for potent charging; indoor windowsills and tables near a window are the safest option. 

WHY: Sunlight is an extremely activating force & the powerful shines away stale energies.  
RITUAL:  Place them in a sunny spot for at least 4 hours, but keep in mind that sunlight fades many varieties of crystals over time. 

WHY: The cleansing smoke from burning herbs moves & purifies energies.
RITUAL: Light your favorite source of herbal smoke & hold your crystal above the steam of smoke, allowing smoke to dance around your crystals. 

WHY: Water is nature's most potent cleanser & purifier.
RITUAL: Rinse your crystal gently under a running tap, lake, river or submerge briefly in a bowl of water. There are many crystals that can dissolve or rust from water exposure so if in doubt, skip the water. 

WHY: Music's vibrational waves harmonize the energy of everything it touches.
RITUAL: Ring, chant, drum & strum! Crystals absolutely love being around music, and live music especially brings them to life & infuses them with a special glow. 

WHY: 'Earthing' with soil grounds & recharges 
RITUAL: Place your crystal on or under the soil in a houseplant, or bury under a few inches of soil in your garden. Earthing should not be done with metallic minerals as the water in soil can rust them, or with delicate clusters. 

WHY: Salt is purifying; however use with caution as it can damage many crystals
RITUAL: Simply fill a bowl / tray of Himalayan salt (coarse is best as smaller granules can damage clusters) and lay your crystals on top of the salt for at least 10 minutes between sessions