About Us

Welcome! We are Kimmie, Jace and Corey - a small family business who founded the Canadian Crystal Queens & Co. in June 2020.

We have always been interested in crystals, but during COVID-19 our interests grew and we started buying online. That passion turned into us starting our own business. The love and pride we take with every order is outstanding.

Our motto is "Making Every Package Feel Like Christmas" because when you order from us, we cleanse your crystals with White Sage and Selenite, bubble wrap and then wrap them in different coloured tissue, like the gifts they are.

We also provide a small bag of Ceremonial White Sage and information cards stating the metaphysical healing properties for each crystal.

It's our pleasure to make sure every order is opened with love, positivity and joy!


Contact Us:

Email: canadiancrystalqueens@gmail.com
Instagram: @canadiancrystalqueens
Facebook: Canadian Crystal Queens